Which trader should I copy on eToro?​

Which trader should I copy on eToro? Well, first of all if you don’t know what eToro is. eToro is a website where you can invest in stocks. It’s kinda like a mix between trading and a social media website such as Facebook. You are also able to follow and copy another person who is doing well.  This is called CopyTrader. This allows you to see their trading history including their gains and losses over any given period. If you see a profile you like, you can allocate money to copy what they are trading.

Being able to copy somebody elses trades may help you learn a great deal of how things work and why they trade at a certain time with a certain stock. You’re able to open a demo account and practice so you get the hang of it first which is a good way of learning and safer too.

Take it slow when you start this so you make sure what you are doing before you put in lots of money. Remember, this is the stock market so you can make a lot of money but you can lose a lot of money too.

To start, all you have to do is register and complete your profile. Once you have done that you will need to deposit $200 which is the minimum requirement before you can start trading. I’d have a look around before putting any money anywhere, just so you a little more comfortable.

Which trader should I copy on eToro?

Good question. The best traders show their market knowledge and experience. Check out their profile to see. Find someone who communicates a lot. You need someone who is willing to help you learn ans share their methods.

In conclusion, eToro can work really well for you and make an extra income for yourself. You just have to take your time and learn more about it.