Should you be using the Tube Buddy extension?

Should you be using the Tube Buddy extension? If you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel to make some extra money, this new tool is definitely a must have!

TubeBuddy is a certified YouTube SEO tool and browser extension that connects to your YouTube dashboard. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Once you have installed it on your browser and log in, your YouTube dashboard becomes even better with extra features too! It is certified with YouTube certified so you don’t have to worry about it not being safe. It is 100% safe.


How much is TubeBuddy?

The TubeBuddy extension is totally free. That includes the very basic tools , then costs from 9$ up to 49$ per month for different plans. 

Their free extension offers a great deal of functionality that is really good for when you’re starting your YouTube channel. Their paid plans offer more tools to help you grow faster too!

  • Helps your channel grow through YouTube SEO
  • You can draft views from other channels
  • The basic features are free
  • It’s certified by YouTube
  • Very easy to use

In conclusion, I believe it is the best tool for SEO on YouTube. I could list more benefits here but it’s better if check for yourself. Click below for more info from TubeBuddy! All users with a paid TubeBuddy license receive the following amazing member perks!

TubdeBudy Mobile
Channel management and video optimization

Tuber Tools
High quality graphics and video effects for your YouTube channel.

Audio Hero
250,000 premium royalty free music tracks and sound effects.

Virtual Summit
Learn how to grow your channel rapidly and monetize your audience.

YouTube starter kit
Video topics and thumbnail, end screen and card templates

Channel Consultation
1 hour channel strategy consultation with YouTube certified expert.

Channel Reviews
Get a fully automated end to end review of your channel.

Musical artificial intelligence. Computer generated audio tracks

Make intros, thumbnails, banners and more in seconds!

The fastest growing collaboration community for creators in the world.

Filmora 9
Professional video editing software minus the complexity.

Epidemic Sound
Cutting edge production music for your YouTube content.

Measure Studio
Social media analytics made easy for everyone.

So there is plenty of perks for the price of having TubeBuddy!