Should I use And Co for my business?

Should I use And Co for my business? And Co is basically an invoicing website mainly designed for freelancers.

With And Co, you can set financial goals, such as how much to charge per month. You’ll be able to track how much you are making.

You can track time from the dashboard and allocate it to a project of yours. The red bar on the dashboard makes it easy to see how much time you have spent on that particular task.

Can And Co help my business?

How can this tool help make you more money? If you start to looking at your numbers, you’ll be able to see which projects are making the most money. Therefore, you can start focusing more on that particular client. Similarly, you’ll also be able to see what isn’t make much money.

Using And co also allows you to create invoices very quickly. Just a few clicks can turn your proposal to an invoice. Same time and with less errors.

When you pay for a paid plan, you will receive free training session. No, not automated bots or recorded videos. Free training from an actual real person.  You’ll be able to ask all your questions with them. How cool is that?

In Conclusion

The customer service is excellent and it’s another reason why you should be using this in your business. Having support 24/7 is worth the money in itself. So, should I use And Co for your business?

And Co is a cool tool, but it works great when you put a lot of effort in it. Many online businesses and freelancers make the mistake of looking at the creative part of their business and may neglect the business part of their business. It can help you become a successful freelancer. You have to make sure you have the right mindset and start running your business like an actual business.