Make your video go viral with Sprizzy

Make your video go viral with Sprizzy. Have you ever create videos and seem to not get any views? It can be frustrating after all that time and effort, creating and providing value for your viewers. This website named Sprizzy can help you grow your audience. It is simple and easy to use. They essentially put your video in front of the right audience to make sure it gets seen. You can get big results with the smallest budget.

Over 10,000 YouTube creators use this tool to get seen and make money. 

First of all, you tell Sprizzy who should see your video. You provide them with keywords that describe your video as well as providing the names of other YouTube channels that are similar to your so that they are targeted. 

Through YouTube Ads, Sprizzy promotes your video on YouTube to users who are searching particular keywords (yours!) as well as promoting to people who watch similar channels. 

Views and engagement

The people who are targeted will naturally find your video interesting and will engage with your channel by leaving comments, likes as well as subscribing to your channel. Here are just some of the things Sprizzy offers.

Finding ideal audience
Real time analytics dashboard
They work with big and small channels
Filter low engaging viewers
smart targeting algorithm
Read engagement from real viewer.
Make your video go viral with Sprizzy

How much does Sprizzy cost?

Pricing starts at $50 to get at least 2000 views or more. Campaigns of $100 and higher will get an extra 10% bonus for free.

In conclusion, Sprizzy is a good tool. It does remind me of TubeBuddy which is one of my top picks. I write about it here. If you are able to create YouTube Ads yourself, I’d do that but if you’re not confident enough, find it too complex or you simply don’t have the time then I’d give Sprizzy a go.