Make money with TeeSpring with your own designs

Start selling shirts your own designs online! Print-On-Demand is a great strategy for getting into eCommerce and to start to make extra money online. It costs next to nothing and lets you draw out your creative side.

Teespring is where you can create your own apparel designs to sell. It is completely free to join too! One of the best features of Teesrping is that you can intergrate is with your YouTube channel. It’s called YouTube Merch shelf integration. How cool is that? This lets you sell merch to your YT audience, directly on YouTube itself. I talked about how to create your own YouTube channel here, it’s probably one of the best places to get leads and traffic

Just a word of warning before you get all excited and rush out and start a YouTube channel for this purpose. They have a minimum criteria:

You have to be in the YT Partner Program on YouTube. 

You must have more than over 10K subscribers in the US to start

They will actually manually vet every creator and each design

TeeSpring handles everything including the printing, fulfillment, shipping, and customer support, which is great! So, all you have to do is come up with your unique designs that can will sell.

Sign Up

The signup process on TeeSping is very simple at. Just go to the signup page and enter your details and then…well that’s it! That’s all you need to do, create an account and it’s absolutely 100% free.


After that, you need to choose your preferred product. It could be a t-shirt, hoodie, a mug and several other items. Choose your desired product and start designing!


Once you have completed your design and the product has been created. It’s time to set the minimum sales you think you’d receive.

You will set a minimum number of items to be sold. If that target hasn’t been met, they do not print/ship your product and you are not charged. So, you will need to make sure that you choose a realistic number of minimum quantity that you actually think you can sell in the time frame you choose.