Matched Betting. Make extra money easily with Matched Betting

Matched Bettting

I tried this method earlier this year and I was skeptical, any sane person would be when you hear the word bet or betting. The difference is that this is matched betting and it really works. Don’t be scared of the word betting if you think you are going to lose your money. 

Let me explain how it works. There are so many book makers who are giving away offers when you first sign up with them. For example they may offer a free £20 bet when you spend £10. The first bet will be your £10 with that bookie.  You then make another bet against that bet. You have matched the bet each way, usually this will result in a loss between 50p and £2. so not much.

But now you have the free £20 bet, the bookies offered. You complete the same process, bet against and profit, usually between £10 to £15 depending on how much you bet and what the odds are. So you’ve turned the free bet money in to real money for your bank account!

This is all good if you can figure out how to calculate the odds quickly, which can be difficult for some. I used a couple of websites to help me with it. My first month I made £480! I did find it a little more difficult after that but if you take your time with it, you could make 1000s for only 2 to 3 hours per week if that! I know people who have pocketed over £50k in the first year of matched betting so by doing this, it’s a very good way to earn some extra income from home.

Theses are some of the websites I have used in the past. Check them out here

Matched Bets and Profit Accumulator are great places to try this out

All of these companies have great reviews which you can check online for yourself. I one I used when I started matched betting was Profit Accumulator. They had really great tools such as the oddsmatcher which is an essential tool enabling to easily find the best odds and compare with other odds before placing your bet. I don’t think I could do it without this tool. 

They also have a forum where you can post any issues and speak to other match betters using the same platform. 

I was uneasy at first but after I spoke to them over the phone, the team there reassured me that it works if followed correctly. I made £480 in my first month with them and they have a 14 day trial for £1 as do the other match betting companies. I did find it more difficult after the first month as all the offers were used up but then there are loads of reload offers with the same bookies, which is why I still do it to this day! Since January I have made £2400 and it’s tax free! It’s a very good thing to try on the side and earn some extra cash!