Entering competitions and win big

Entering competitions and win big. Let’s be honest, the chance of winning of pretty slim but you can up your odds. Enter as many competitions as you can for a chance to win something. The more time you enter a competition is raises your chance obviously.

The best thing to do a create a separate email address specifically for entering competitions online and the best ones to enter where all you have to do is enter that email address. I cant be more simpler than that! I have found two competitions you can enter by simply entering your email address. Good Luck!

What are the chances of winning?

Just look at this article. It talks about a guy entering lots of different competitions online. He won £20,000 so if you have the time to do so then why not.

He stated “In 99% of cases, winning competitions comes down to pure luck – but you can increase your chances.

Look for local competitions where there will be a lot fewer entries, enter competitions that require you to do more than submit details and get into a consistent routine of entering them each day.

Social media is also a hotbed for competitions, especially on Twitter. To increase your chances here do specific searches for hashtags such as #competition, #win or #comp and follow accounts which regularly hold giveaways.”

Is it worth my time?

If you have the time to now and again enter a competition then go for it. Entering competitions and win big. If you already play the lottery, which takes the same amount of time as entering your email address in to a form for a change to win something, then why not. There are people who spend a lot of time entering competitions but you don’t have to.